Electromagnetic compatibility English Magnetic full name Electro Compatibility, abbreviated as EMC, it refers to the equipment or system in its electromagnetic environment in the normal work, the ability of any equipment in their environment does not produce intolerable electromagnetic interference.

Electromagnetic interference in the English name is Electro Magnetic Interference, abbreviated as: EMI. It refers to the interference of electronic equipment (interference source) to other electronic devices by electromagnetic wave.

Electromagnetic sensitivity of the full name of the English ElectroMagnetic Susceptibility, abbreviated as EMS it refers to the electronic equipment due to external electromagnetic energy, resulting in the ease of their own performance decline.

The insertion loss of the English Insertion Loss, abbreviated as IL, refers to the loss of load power in the transmission system due to the insertion of components or devices two.

Filter is a two-way passive network, one of which is the "source", the other is the "load", in the care of the attenuation band, the filter can be considered as "impedance adaptation network". The results of network analysis show that the greater the mismatch of the filter impedance and the impedance of the two ports, the more effective the attenuation of the electromagnetic interference energy".