With the rapid development of the power supply connector filtering technology, in terms of electromagnetic interference suppression, filtering technology has high availability, especially for EMI signal switching power supply, conduction, radiation interference interference can play a good role.

The former mainly refers to the interference in signal transmission between the two wires, which belongs to the symmetry of the interference, its distinguishing feature is the electromagnetic interference of low frequency, small amplitude, small interference generated; the latter mainly refers to the wire and the shell (land) interference between signals transmission, belonging to the non symmetry interference, and its significant characteristics is the high frequency electromagnetic interference, interference amplitude, the generation of large, but also can help lead radiation, expand the source of radiation.

Based on the above analysis, we can achieve the purpose of reducing the conduction interference by controlling the EMI signal in the limit of the EMI standard. In addition to the effective suppression of the interference source, the EMI filter is also an important way to suppress the electromagnetic interference in the input and output circuits of the switching power supply.  Common working frequency of electronic equipment is usually between 10MHz-50MHz. Many of the standard provisions of EMC conduction interference level limit value of 10MHz for high frequency EMI signal switching power supply, EMI filter network structure as long as the choice of the relatively simple EMI filter or decoupling circuit is relatively simple, can not only reduce the high frequency common mode current intensity, but also can satisfy the requirements of the filtering effect of EMC.

The design principle of the filter electrical connector is based on the above principle. There is a mutual interference between the electrical equipment and the power supply and the various electrical equipment, and the filter electric connector is the ideal choice to reduce the interference. Because each of the pins of the filter electric connector is provided with a low pass filter, each pin can effectively filter the common mode current. In addition, the filter electric connector also has a very good compatibility, and its interface size and shape of the same size and ordinary electrical connector, so they can be a direct replacement between.

In addition, the use of power filter connector also has a good economy, this is mainly because the filter only need to install the power connector in the shielding box port can, after eliminating the interference current in the cable, the wire will not feel the interference signal, so the performance is more stable than shielded cable; filtering electrical connector for cable termination is not high, so do not use high quality fully shielded cable, further demonstrated its good economic.