The day before, light microelectronics introduced a new generation of ultra small medium filled cavity filter, this filter has low insertion loss, high selectivity, four cavity filter, six cavity filter, this filter technology will be used in micro 3G and 4G RRU, greatly reduce the volume and weight of RRU.

The widely used TEM wave coaxial cavity filter has the advantages of low insertion loss, high selectivity and large power, but the volume is large and the weight is not light. With the miniaturization of filters with low insertion loss and high selectivity of the industry has always been the pursuit of the goal, the chief scientist Professor Zhuang light microelectronics kunjie lasted 7 years, achieved a major breakthrough in theory, technology and technology.

Shanghai Heng Electronics Co. Ltd is a famous manufacturer of power filter, the company is the design, production and sales in one of the industrial company. The headquarters is located in Shanghai Huasheng International Business Garden. Companies rely on high-quality products, perfect service with many well-known companies maintained good cooperation. Such as GE (Suzhou), Honeywell, CHIGO, Shanghai post, etc..

The company's products in nearly 30 series, more than and 700 models, power filter covers single-phase, three-phase, feedthrough, IEC socket, PCB dedicated, high voltage, DC, military and special filter. Maximum rated current up to 1200A. Widely used in electronics, power, power supply, medical, steel, metallurgy, communications, and industrial control.

All filters can be provided in line with the ROHS directive environmentally friendly products. In order to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad, on top of the excellent quality, competitive price, and perfect after-sales service, and strive to create a high level, high-quality products. Services in the vast number of old and new customers.