Because of the late start of China's electric connector industry, aviation plug Market concentration is low, there is a certain difference between the industry's technical strength and advanced domestic technical strength. However, China's electrical connector (aviation plug) industry space is vast, great potential for growth in the future there is a very big room for improvement. Therefore, the use of terminal growth is an important problem of aviation plug rapid market progress and technology development, the aviation plug industry development trend and the downstream end with the development of the industry to maintain consistency is very obvious. According to statistics, in 2009 the world aviation plug market needs $34 billion 390 million, by 2014 the world aviation plug the needs of the market scale success reached $52 billion 855 million, the market size in 2016 further progress to $58 billion 793 million.

The aviation plug is not indispensable equipment in many basic electronic devices, is a bridge of communication in the electronic circuit, according to signal transmission is fast, stable, low loss, high fidelity, to ensure the normal functioning of all equipment. In recent years, thanks to the downstream data communications, computers and peripherals, consumer electronics, automotive and other downstream industries continue to grow, the world's aviation plug market needs to continue to increase, the market size of the overall trend of expansion