First, the reasonable choice of filter circuit. Because the electrical connector is mainly to play the function of connecting various types of electrical signals, in general, the filter electric connector is installed on the outer wall of the chassis. Because of the existence of a variety of interference signals in the environment of the frequency band is very wide, so the use of low-pass filter can effectively filter out the normal signal in a variety of unnecessary high harmonics. Due to the different electronic equipment for the electrical connector of the filter requirements are different, it should be based on the actual situation to choose the appropriate filter circuit.

Second, select the filter element. According to the environmental requirements of electronic equipment system, in accordance with the GJB1308 requirements for filter connectors "in Table 1 capacitance value selection, the general selection of F type filter and tubular filter capacitor, this is because: first, it has a good filtering effect; secondly, design, assembly and welding is very convenient; again, the longitudinal small space, especially suitable for high density connectors, and has very small ground inductance at high frequency, therefore can provide good bypass function; finally, input and output is not coupled to the isolation plate for connecting tubular capacitor metal ground plate, the input and output the filter end has been effectively isolated, to avoid the high frequency coupling phenomenon.

Third, production and installation. With a certain type of filter electrical connector as an example to illustrate the installation of filter and filter contact assembly.

First of all, the capacitor welding in the contact connector on the second, the filter contact welding on the ground, and then loaded into the shell, connected between the floor and the installation shell is made to maintain good electrical conduction of spot welding or coated with conductive adhesive. In addition to tubular capacitors, SMD capacitors are also commonly used filter components, it is a single capacitor circuit, suitable for contact density is not high connector. The floor is usually printed circuit board, printed circuit board and the installation of the shell to maintain a good way of welding.